SJN Student of the Month: Marie Gerald-Murray

Meet Marie Gerald-Murry, St. John Nottingham’s Student of the Month!

Marie is a 5th grade honor Roll Student at St. John Nottingham Lutheran School and is not only the Student of the Month, but the top PBR earner for the entire school! (PBR’s are “Positive Behavior Referrals” given out by staff when students exemplify the Christian nature of our school by acts of kindness and the like.)

Marie’s favorite subject is Science class because she likes to do experiments and that science can be used to solve world problems like finding a cure for cancer. Her favorite event at SJN are the quarterly FACT nights when all of the students, staff, and families get together to share a mean and see student work. Marie plans on going to Lutheran High School East of Villa Angela St. Joseph, and wants to be a game designer when she grows up.

Some of her favorite things to do are attending Christian Summer camps and taking swimming lessons, and she is very into arts and crafts like making costumes.

It’s quality, Christian students like Marie that help to make SJN the place that it is. Congratulations on being the SJN Student of the Month!

David Peck

Principal of St. John Nottingham Lutheran School

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Volume 12, Issue 1, Posted 5:13 PM, 01.12.2020