Speak Life

Having faith when you can't see it, can only mean that you believe that whatever you're going through can be fixed. Sometimes in these types of situations you still have to encourage yourself as well as others. When I say "Speak Life" I mean speak life into those dead situations. Life can be hard on anybody at any time. It is in those times that we must communicate and share our feelings and issues that we are having in life. It's is very important that we communicate with one another because we learn from each other's experiences and trials and tribulation. Only if we can stand together when are going through the issues of life I honestly believe it wouldn't be that hard to get through. We've lost so many innocent lives over the years that it seems impossible to draw strength from anywhere. I speak from experience when I tell you the storm don't last forever but while you're in this storm we must speak life into these situations and help uplift other people who are less stronger and less unfortunate than us. So no matter what you're going through or if you see someone else going through please "Speak Life" into their situations as well as your own.

Umeikia Whiting

I am a single mother of 3 boys. I've lived in the Lakeshore area since 1988 and I still currently reside in the Lakeshore area. I am a published author I have written and published my first two books Cleveland L.A.N.E and Poetry From A Rose. I also am the founder and CEO of the Green Rose Foundation. My vision is KEEPING FAMILIES TOGETHER ONE PETAL AT A TIME. So I am very much interested in being a member as well as a writer for the collonwood observer

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Volume 12, Issue 1, Posted 5:13 PM, 01.12.2020