We are so Blessed!!

The ladies of the St. Jerome Altar & Rosary Society add so much to the life of the church! They regularly pray the Rosary together as well as providing the hosts and wine for Mass and maintaining the altar cloths.  Every year during Lent they sponsor special events and services.  Members raise funds for all of this through bake sales and by selling wonderful frozen strudel!  This year they again got together at Shorby Club in Bratenahl to enjoy each others company.  

As we begin our second hundred years, we wish to recognize ant thank some of the people who keep St. Jerome moving forward. Two groups especially form the core of our community and do so very much behind the scenes to keep St. Jerome thriving. They are the St. Jerome Holy Name Society and St. Jerome Altar & Rosary Society.  Their members are such a huge paart of the community, the family of St. Jerome, that is the heart of our Parish.  

Adele Markert

Parish Secretary/business manager at St. Jerome Church

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Volume 12, Issue 1, Posted 5:13 PM, 01.12.2020