SJN Student of the Month: Samuel Boone

SJN's March Student of the Month is Samuel Boone! Sam is a 4th grader in Mrs. Maynard's class. His favorite subjects are Math, because he likes how he gets to learn something new every day, and reading because, well, because in his words he just "likes to read." He loves playing basketball, soccer, and football, and hopes to play on the SJN team next year (as long as his mom says it' OK, that is). He's really into Roblox, a videogame, but in the summer, likes to get outside to play as much as he can. His favorite show is the anime "My Hero Acadamia," which he likes to watch in the original Japanese while reading the subtitles (although he did once typ some words into an online translator, and found out that the subtitles aren't always accurate).

Sam was chosen to be the Student of the Month by the SJN faculty for Sam's kindness, love of learning, and his true Christian attitude towards others. Sam is just a nice kid! Congratulations to Samuel Boone, SJN's March Student of the Month!

David Peck

Principal of St. John Nottingham Lutheran School

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020