6 ways to support Viking-owned businesses

In recognizing the challenges many small businesses are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now more important than ever for us to lend our support. Many alumni and Viking families own and operate local businesses that are open and ready to serve their community. Some will need support as they reopen in the coming weeks. 

Check out the list of Viking-owned businesses at vasj.com/vikingowned and show some support!

1. Order takeout, curbside pickup or delivery

Order takeout, curbside pickup or delivery from a restaurant or grocery store. If you are able, consider giving a generous tip for a job well done.

2. Use a service

For businesses that provide a service, consider them as your first choice or keep them in mind when they are able to reopen.

3. Shop online

Place an online order from businesses that are conducting e-sales. Some may offer free shipping, delivery or pickup.

4. Purchase a gift card

Purchasing a gift card not only supports a small business now, but it also gives you something to look forward to when things return back to normal!

5. Write a good review

Had a good experience with one of the businesses listed? Share the good news! Give a business a good review on Yelp, Google or a food delivery service app.

6. Get social

Spread the word! Let your social media followers know about Viking-owned businesses or post about the awesome dining or service experience you had.

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Volume 12, Issue 5, Posted 5:54 PM, 05.07.2020