An Easter like no other

Fr. Walsh and Deacon Pete blessed the palms in a private Mass.

Mass on TV or over the internet, driveway visits with family, Face-time, Duo and Zoom celebrations, all these were part of our reality this Easter.  Not nearly as satisfying as Eucharist and the joyous music of Easter services or as heartwarming as visiting with family and friends around the table and the hugs and kisses that go along with that, but a necessary sacrafice of love to protect each other from an illness that none of us are immune to.

So we did what we could, handing out Palms while social distancing, praying together over the internet and phone.  Remembering that no matter our present limitations, Christ has Risen and our Hope is alive.  Fr. Walsh wrote the following to encourage us in this difficult time.

Dear Parishioners,

 Happy Easter!  Yes, Easter Sunday has passed, but the Easter season is celebrated for 50 days.  St. Athanasius wrote “the 50 days from the Resurrection to Pentecost are celebrated in joy and exultation as one feast day, indeed as one great Sunday.  These are the days above all others in which ‘Alleluia’ is sung.”   The Easter season celebrates Jesus’ victory over sin and death, a victory we share in by our baptism.  St. Paul says, “If we have been united with Him through likeness to his death, so shall we be through a like resurrection.” Romans 6:5.

Let us rejoice in this promise of resurrection.  Despite the difficulties and restraints we live with we have reason to hope because of Christ’s victory and our share in it. 

         I hope you are doing well and have been staying home these past six weeks.  It seems longer than that because our normal get togethers and activities are curtailed.  Being able to share Holy Week and Easter Masses and services on TV or by streaming on our computers was helpful.

          I am happy to report that Fr. Bill will begun cancer treatments soon.   Keep Fr. Bill in your prayers in these next weeks that he will respond well to the treatments. 

          As you know, our schools in Ohio will remain closed through the end of this present school year.  The continuing danger of contracting and spreading the corona virus makes it unadvisable to restart classes with just a month or so left.  Unfortunately graduations and honors normally shared with our students and their families will have to be done differently this year.

          We are hopeful that the next school year will begin on time.  On that note, we ask our parents to register and make proper plans for the 2020-2021 school year. 

          Thanks to our teachers, students and their families for continuing school work at home and on the computer.  Although I am at the “pre-school level” with the computer, with a lot of help I recently was able to see the pictures of our Centennial celebration.  If you haven’t seen them yet you will really enjoy the pictures of the Mass with Bishop Perez and the celebration afterward at the Irish American Club East Side.  They are very well done and you will recognize of those who attended.  You can view all of them on our website,, in the picture gallery, located in the “Looking Back” section as you scroll down the page.

          Many thanks to Deacon Pete, Sue Coan, and our staff for keeping us going and keeping an eye on our buildings.

          Your continuing donations using your envelopes or online at are very important for us and deeply appreciated.  Please consider signing up for online contributions at the above address or from our website, 

          Thanks again and pray for all those on the front lines, and all those infected with the virus and their families.

God Bless,

Fr. Bill                 Deacon Pete                 Fr.  Walsh

Marguerite DiPenti

Adele Markert actually wrote this.

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Volume 12, Issue 5, Posted 5:54 PM, 05.07.2020