Councilman Update

Dear Residents:

What can I say more than we already know as to what we are going through as a city, state and country? None of us, just two months ago could have ever imagined what Covid-19 would do to our country and the world community. 

When I wrote my last article in March I could never have imagined what I would be addressing this month. We have all seen the figures and the national death statistics and the number of people infected by this invisible killer. I cannot stress enough how we must all follow the guidelines as outlined by the Departments of Health for the state, county and city. 

I want to thank our Governor, Michael DeWine, and his medical staff for their perseverance and their leadership.

This is a disease that each of us could have and not even know it and then carry it to a member of our family, friends or neighbors or even someone working beside us. Social distancing is paramount; washing your hands and taking proper disinfecting precautions are critical in eradicating this terrible virus.

As you are all aware this has effected the delivery of basic city services. Please watch for future announcements and guidelines as to how these services will be delivered. Right now, Building and Housing enforcement is at a bare minimum; evictions are on hold along with housing court cases; and, waste collection has had to cut back on personnel which means no bulk pick up. 

Speaking of which, there will be no bulk pickup for May just as there was no such pick up this month. The city understands that this is an inconvenience but necessary. Please hold your bulk items in your backyard until pick up is resumed. Please place waste and recycling items in your carts without any extra placed outside the carts. Your cooperation is invaluable to helping our water collectors and our community. 

Further impacts on cut services will be announced by the mayor's office through city-wide news services. So, please pay special attention. 

I hope you have all seen that due to the Covid-19 crisis the return of the 2020 Census forms has also been effected. It is estimated that only 36% of Cleveland residents have returned their forms to date. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO FILL OUT YOUR FORM AND RETURN IT PROMPTLY. I cannot begin to tell you about the impact this will have on the Federal funds that the city, county, and state receives but will also impact Congressional districts, state legislative districts and Ward boundaries for Cleveland City Council. The census comes every ten years by law and the results of this critical census this year will impact our community for the next decade. Once again, please fill out your census online, by phone or by filling it out and mailing it in. 

Finally, I really hope and pray that this crisis wakes America up. When we as a Nation, are dependent upon Atheist Communist China for our healthcare, protection gear and pharmaceuticals, something is terribly wrong with that reality.  Our new slogan should be "Made in America by Americans." For far too long one Administration after another, both Republican and Democrat, have waved our jobs goodbye. 

This crisis has exposed all the weaknesses and inadequacies in our health care system and national supply chain. Enough is enough. Bring our jobs back home and protect Americans. 

Please stay safe and stay healthy. God bless America. 

During this time, I and my Executive Assistant, Mary Louise, are working remotely. If you need help or have a question, please feel free to call me at the office at (216) 664-4236 or email me at either or

Councilman Michael Polensek

Resident of neighborhood since 1956. Worked on East 185th street since 1970.

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Volume 12, Issue 5, Posted 5:54 PM, 05.07.2020