East Shore Park Club 'Save Our Summer Concerts'

Hello all you music lovers out there! 

I am Andrew Ulle - some of you know me as one of the organizers of the East Shore Park Club's  Summer Concert Series in the beautiful North Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. 

RED ALERT:  The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the closure of so many of our sponsors' businesses that we have lost the largest segment of our basic operational funding. 

For over 15 years now, the ESPC has presented FREE summer concerts to residents, their friends, and visitors from all over northeast Ohio.  Our annual concert series predates Summer at Sims, Euclid Beach & Edgewater Live, The Grove, and Mentor Rocks - all of which are great venues.  The difference is that all these other concert series receive government funding and financial support from very large corporations.  The East Shore Park Club does not have such deep-pocketed benefactors.  But we have always been able to fund the concerts through the generous support of local small businesses and individual donations from club members and concert-goers.  And we believe we have delivered the most bang for the buck on a shoestring budget.  Please visit our Facebook pages to see photos of past shows of recent years featuring local act as well as bands and musicians from Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Austin, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and Montreal.  This year we have a Rockabilly group coming from Switzerland!



For the 2020 concert series, the ESPC has booked nine concerts for the summer.  The total budget for these events is over $11,000 just to pay the musicians, sound crew, and printing costs - no club members are paid for their many hours of work. 

We are hoping that by our first concert on June 4th, Clevelanders will finally be allowed to gather for outdoor events, but we cannot wait until then to raise funds - the printing of banners, flyers, and programs must be initiated by May 15, so we need cash in hand by then to place those orders and guarantee funds are available to pay our contracted expenses.

By contributing generously to this fundraiser, you can help us bring great music to a quarantine-weary population, one that will be severely in need of these popular FREE events.  You will also be helping many musicians and production techs whose incomes have been lost due to all venues being closed for 8 weeks or more.  And of course, you will have our undying gratitude for enabling us to go forward with the ESPC 2020 concert season.


Ann Anderson

I am a CMSD teacher, Collinwood resident, lifelong Clevelander.  Submitting on behalf of Andrew Ulle, also a CMSD teacher, Collinwood resident and lifelong Clevelander.  I am promoting this on his behalf.

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Volume 12, Issue 5, Posted 5:54 PM, 05.07.2020