Update on the East 185 Street/Marcella Road Relief Sewer Project

Driving may be a bit more tricky for some traveling around the East 185 Street/Marcella Road Relief Sewer Project. Detour signs abound, though, to help you make your way. Then there are weekly, sometimes daily, updates from Cleveland Water Pollution Control to keep you abreast of how the project is moving along.

The year-long $15 million project, designed to reduce basement and street flooding, is halfway to its winter completion target. The relief sewer runs 5,200 feet along East 185 Street and Marcella Road. It has 13 connections from the existing sanitary sewer system. Residents will not be assessed for the upgrade.

Currently, three intersections with East 185 Street are closed for the next few weeks to connect local sewers on side streets to the new relief sewer and to relocate an existing water main in preparation for upcoming sewer work. They are at Marcella Road, East Park Drive/Cherokee Avenue and Arrowhead Avenue.

A snippet of what is happening/has happened so far:

  • Marcella Road - Underground micro-tunneling is complete and road repaving is about to begin.
  • East Park Drive/Cherokee Avenue - Connecting local sewers to the new relief sewer.
  • Arrowhead Avenue - Water main relocation started.
  • Kewanee Avenue - Water main relocation complete.
  • Pawnee Avenue - Local sewers have been connected to the relief sewer.
  • Chickasaw Avenue - Water main relocation complete.
  • Shawnee Avenue - Water main relocation complete.
  • Mowhawk Avenue- Water main relocation complete.
  • Muskoka Avenue/Schenely Avenue - Water main relocation complete.
  • East 185 Street - Underground micro-tunneling complete.

Upcoming intersection closures for sewer connections will be announced in advance. Each closure is expected to be completed in about three weeks.

  • Mohawk Avenue (early June to late June)
  • Muskoka Avenue (late June to mid-July)
  • Arrowhead Avenue (mid-July to early August)
  • Kildeer Avenue (early August to late August)
  • Chickasaw Avenue (late August to mid-September)
  • Kewanee Avenue (mid-September to early October)
  • Shawnee Avenue (early October to late October)
  • Neff Road (early November  to late November)

Updates for the East 185 Street/Marcella Road Relief Sewer Project are posted on the WPC Facebook page at @ClevelandWPC and on Twitter at @CleWPC, using #E185SewerProject.

Yalinda Moore

Manager of Marketing/Communications

Cleveland Water Pollution Control

WPC is the City of Cleveland sewer maintenance division and stormwater manager.

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