Free Summer Meals and Treats for Kids

Lunch, treats, games and more!

Reliable Hearts is providing free summer meals and treats for youth up to 18 years old in partnership with the Greater Cleveland Foodbank.

Lunch is provided grab-n-go style 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Monday through Saturday until August 7, 2020. Youth books and games are available on select days thanks to a generous donation from Literacy in the Hood and First Book. 


Reliable Hearts

16001 Holmes Ave.

Cleveland, Ohio 44110

(216) 352-0200

Annette Gibson

Annette Gibson is a proud Cleveland native. Mrs. Gibson was a teen Mom which led her to develop a passion for guidance and support amongst Cleveland's youth. With her passion she has created a place of peace, guidance and stability in that of the Reliable Hearts organization, founded in 2016, which caters to underserved youth. Foot to pavement, Mrs. Gibson has constructed Reliable Hearts to be what it is today, a trusted, community based organization committed to providing guidance, resources, support and love to Cleveland's underserved youth and families. She's on a mission to bring healing to this demographic and provide support for parents and the community.

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Volume 12, Issue 7, Posted 5:01 PM, 07.06.2020