Put Your Yard to Work!

Tired of watering your ornamental plants? Wishing for (just a small bit of) those spring rains? Consider joining our online Master Rain Gardener course and building a self-sufficient* rain garden. Class includes 5 weeks of online content designed to walk you step by step through planning, design, digging, and planting your very own rain garden.

Rain gardens are bowl shaped gardens that catch the rain from your roof. They water themselves! And the plants that like to live in rain gardens also tolerate drought! Making them a beautiful low maintenance choice for our Ohio landscape.

Whether you are a gardener looking for a fall project, or a homeowner with a drainage problem, the Master Rain Gardener course is for you.

Class starts July 17th. We hope you will join us!

*Even plastic plants need dusting some times, so like all gardens, our rain gardens will need some TLC.

Learn more and sign up on our website here:https://www.cuyahogaswcd.org/events/2020/07/17/master-rain-gardener-online-program

Elizabeth Hiser

Euclid Creek Watershed Program Manager working out of Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District office.

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