Where and How are You Worshiping?

The COVID pandemic has certainly changed many things: how we shop, how we visit/meet, how we recreation, how we learn and even how we worship. At St John Nottingham we had to move very fast when the stay-at-home orders came out of Columbus. In-person worship or none? Go Live Stream or pre-recorded video upload (what do these even mean)? What do we do about the Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion)? 

After much prayerful consideration, the pastoral team of Dr. Walther Marcis and Rev. Ron Rollins determined that closing our ‘church’ during the pandemic was not something we wanted to do. Martin Luther lived through the time of the Black Plague in Europe and he and other continued to lead worship. In times of strife and anxiety, where do you turn? How do you get through? The SJN pastors decided not to remove the one piece of strength and aid that some disciples desire: gathering for in-person worship.

And so, preparations had to be made on how to do this as safely as possible with consideration made regarding the recommendations by the health department, so as to not deny the opportunity for in-person worship to those compelled to meet.

Having gathered for worship over the first couple of months it was then time to determine how to reinstitute the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. More work went into working through how best to do this is a safe way. As a result, the Lord’s Supper has returned to its place in the Divine Worship on the second and fourth Sunday’s of the month.

But in the meantime, how were we to continue to minister to those uncomfortable with in-person worship? How could we bring them the all-important Word of God? As a result of this need SJN went to broadcasting its worship service on Facebook Live beginning March 22 with “A Service of Confession and Repentance”. We have not looked back since having broadcasted our worship services, 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony and Vacation Bible School (VBS) July 13-16.

In-Person attendance is slowly coming back. Our Online attendance is growing. But most importantly, the Word of God is reaching in and reaching out. In this time of strife and anxiety the comfort of our Risen and Ascended Lord, Jesus Christ brings a peace which is beyond all understanding.

So, where are you worshiping? Do you have a church home? We invite you to join us every Sunday morning at 9:45am whether In-Person or Live Stream (www.facebook.com/stjohnnottingham).

For more information about SJN, or to grow in the faith, visit the St John Nottingham website at: www.stjohnnottingham.org

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Volume 12, Issue 7, Posted 5:01 PM, 07.06.2020