2020 Census And You

Taking the US Census has never been easier, faster or more secure than it is today. Offered in 59 languages, 13 offered online, the US Census is an important count of every person living in all 50 states, D.C, and five US territories.

The Census helps to paint a picture of our nation and determines how government resources are allocated locally. The US Census not only impacts Ohio and Cleveland; it impacts Collinwood.

More than $675 billion in federal funding will be spent according to US Census response, for schools, roads and other public services for communities across the nation. The Census also determines where congressional districts are drawn and the number of seats Ohio will have in Congress, as well as representation in US government at all levels.

Occuring once every 10 years, the US Census provides residents of Collinwood an opportunity to be heard. Results from the Census have a lasting impact on communities. It is important that head-of-households count every person of all ages in the home as of April 1, children and those recently moved included. Your personal information on the Census is confidential, and federal law protects your responses. Your answers can only be used to produce statistics and legally cannot be used against you by any government agency or court.

For more information about how your response is counted, please visit Complete Count CLE - What Is The Census? To complete the 2020 Census online, please visit https://my2020census.gov/ or call 844-330-2020.

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Volume 12, Issue 9, Posted 4:17 PM, 09.03.2020