Will voting give our jobs back to us?

Why does the government consider many of us non-essential workers and forbid us to work, and close businesses, and make companies go bankrupt, while the politicians get to keep their jobs? Why should we vote and give jobs to the politicians when they take our jobs away from us?

When Governor DeWine closed businesses, he let people who could work from home keep their jobs. But blue collar workers were denied their right to have a job. Everyone has the right to work, as written in Article 23.1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Under DeWine, many businesses could not afford to open at half capacity, and closed, and now there is no place for their employees to go back to work.

According to the Ohio Restaurant Association, 54% of restaurants could close within the year.

Now DeWine wants bars to close at midnight. How long can they stay in business if they do not make a profit? Can someone tell me why DeWine thinks a virus can only be contagious after 12:00 am?

If the virus is so prevalent why haven't any politicians died from it? Why haven’t any federal, state or local government politicians died from it? How many congressmen and senators and governors and mayors and city council members have died?

What about presidential candidates?  Why haven't they chosen an alternative to take their place if this virus is so dangerous?

Why hasn't anyone in the CDC died from the virus? 

If the CDC is concerned that over 150,000 people died from the virus this year, why aren't they concerned (and why isn't any politician concerned) that 400,000 people die from medical errors EVERY YEAR?

People should be allowed to sue for lost wages and for lost future wages, and for the masks we are forced to wear that injure us by causing mouth fungus and tooth decay and bad breath. Dentists call it Mask Mouth. 

On youtube.com there is a video by Dr. Ted Noel showing how masks do not help, and how vaping goes right through all types of masks. "Dr Ted Noel | Quick Demo Of How Masks DON'T Help." 

The ohiostatehousenews.com website says that masks can harm unborn babies: "Expectant Moms Forced to Mask-Up to Work; Unborn Babies at Risk." 

Politicians should stop making people wear masks and be made to pay people their lost wages, or else politicians should quit their jobs like so many of us were forced to do.


Jeanne Coppola

Jeanne Coppola grew up and spent most of her adult life in the Collinwood neighborhood, after she graduated from Collinwood High School. Her interests include art, writing, and advocacy for animals, humans and the environment.

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Volume 12, Issue 9, Posted 4:17 PM, 09.03.2020