Living in the Ice

It,s winter yet at Euclid Beach on Lake Erie the rumor of global warming has been replaced by a reality of an ICE AGE. There are no boats,greenery, sand or sparkling blue waters but ice snow and lake with no waves lapping at the shore. This is a look at winter as a place that can be just as much fun and interesting and filled with a few surprises.

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  • This is the icy, cold look of Cleveland on the shores of Lake Erie
  • The Break Rocks are replace by mounds of Ice and snow and the water is far from the shore.
  • Observation towers are replaced with a ice capped sculpture.
  • The sun shines down but in the view of the winter blast has lost it,s burning power.
  • The Ice glistens in the sun showing it dominates the water making it hard and cold. Not fit for swimmers or boaters.
  • The ice age beach is silent and lifeless minus the gulls,people and is covered up under a blanket of snow and ice as if to be sleep.
  • Surely the Ice age has not replace life on the shores of Lake Erie but when you think so, signs of life appear.
  • The things appear to have functions in the view of ice and snow cease to be so.
  • The docked boats of summer are gone as winter has docked it,s ice and snow in place.
  • The first signs of life show up near the lake not bothered by the snow or ice.
  • the signs of man are a wonder to these deer who stare down their observors.
  • The wild cats who live on and down among the rocks emerge to bathe in the winter sun, soaking in the rays of light.
  • The birds who cancel their flights South defy the winter and ice and decide to wait out the winter.
  • Sudently on a dead deserted ice and snow covered beach the sigh of life is spotted and it is person in the form of a family on the beach.
  • A Father who with his family had after over coming a bout of cabin fever was on the beach actually playing in that ice and snow of the Ice Age.
  • The winter sun and the break in the weather had people out walking the dog in the park.
  • Men were observed actually ice fishing on the river under the bridge and for them the ice age didn,t exist
  • A couple who don,t buy pumped up winter stories are too busy out waqlking in the snow and enjoying each other and a winter sun.
  • The family climbed to the top of the ice and snow mountain on top of the rock breaker and had their day at the beach.
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