PhotoBlogs by Jeffrey Lawson

Young ARTIST (15 Photos)
The after school art program i visited inJanuary showed a very vital program and I decided to highlite it in a photo blog. Children need art and art needs to be expressed by all children.
Living in the Ice (19 Photos)
It,s winter yet at Euclid Beach on Lake Erie the rumor of global warming has been replaced by a reality of an ICE AGE. There are no boats,greenery, sand or sparkling blue waters but ice snow and lake with no waves lapping at the shore. This is a look at winter as a place that can be just as much fun and interesting and filled with a few surprises.
The Autos That made America (14 Photos)
Recently I took a trip backin time by just looking at old autobiles that were apart of my youth. These were the autos that were bullt by men as tough as the metal in the bumpers and futures were brighter than the shiny chrome.. Today those companiesbarely exist but GM,Ford and Chrysler built cars that even 50 years later cannot be forgotten.
The Changing Views of the Lake (8 Photos)
Living on the lake has many opportunities for fun and receation but the Lake changes constantly from a Tropical far away look to a sometimes foogy over cast with dark clouds and violent waves and then clean and calm on a sunny day where the blues are instensified and then at evening with it,s glows of red and pink.
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