The Autos That made America

Recently I took a trip backin time by just looking at old autobiles that were apart of my youth. These were the autos that were bullt by men as tough as the metal in the bumpers and futures were brighter than the shiny chrome.. Today those companiesbarely exist but GM,Ford and Chrysler built cars that even 50 years later cannot be forgotten.

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  • It was once to see the USA in your Chevrolet
  • Every October the show rooms hid these from public eyes til the moment of the grand opening,even going so far as to cover up their big showroom windows.

  • One of the cars that created a  lifestyle for young people, the Vette the frist major sports cfar from Chevy hot after thast Thunderbird,s tail feathers of ther mid 50.s
  •  The Car Nader called unsafe at any speed and the auto that probaly drove a lot of youth to places like Euclid Beach and savced on gas was this baby The Corvair.
  • Sometimes a car was not meant to be ,like the 58 Edsel, a big roomy family car like an unruly big dog didn,t quite make it with the family.
  • This auto  was the auto waiting for those fresh from WWII a 46 Chrysler soon to be parked outside a new home.
  • The Edsel had the last laught even if you didn,t like it ,you would never forget it.
  • Before high price gas and cut backs and imported cars big Bonnevilles like this cruise the highways and by ways.
  •  Who would,nt put his name on one of these classic Caddy,s look at that chrome and those metal bumpers 
  • Priceless hubcaps and white wall tires and your Vette was ready to hit the road.
  • The workman are retired, the companies closing but still nothing is worth of more admirations than the cars they built that we can,t seem to forget or and if given a chance to stop and look one more time.
  • They can,t and  they don,t make them like this anymore,but back in the days when Euclid Beach Park was thriving so were these fine cars in the parking lot.
  • At EuclidBeach these owners took us back to the Future of the automobile that was big and bright with chrome and were remembered by their year models. A time when America was younger and cars only got older. These cars like the memories of Euclid Beach will never fade away,they been coming back for 50 years and they if their owners care will keep coming back.
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