The after school art program i visited inJanuary showed a very vital program and I decided to highlite it in a photo blog. Children need art and art needs to be expressed by all children.

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  •  The artist,s imagniation along with shape and shadow create the art.
  • The art instructor is the guide and it,s here that creative tone is set by the artist.

  •  It,s the hands and the feel of the pen, the brush or in pieces of bright colored clay the art comes forth.
  • The happiness of the artist comes from the heart and is bigger than the one this little girl is putting on paper.

  • A young man under the watchful eye of his instructor is allowed to freely create what is apart of his personal art.

  • The art is carefully stored in the cabinet drawers for future reference.

  • The brushes and the paints are apart of the artist,s tools but it,s out of the mind the creative process takes place.

  • A little bit of clay and a crafting hand can produce a work of art..

  • There is no doubt in the shadow of this artist,s ability to create and this program assures that art in the future will live on.

  •  Art can help create an atmosphere of respect and cooperation between young children as their art works as a bond of communication.

  • Sometimes it,s a choice of paints and the right used of color but it,s the final result that makes the art.

  •  The right place, the right tools and the right materials but it,s right artist that creates it all.

  •  The instructor sets the tone and helps the young artists get it together.

  •  A little after school art class is without notice but the work done by these children is not. Artist are important to any civilization and for that matter so are these children for they are our future artists.

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