The Link Between Your Child's Teacher and a Tutor

     Three people play integral roles in your child's education: teachers, tutors, and you.

As the parent, you are the most important player.

     Many students at St. Jerome School are being tutored because the help which tutors

provide support the academic content which is being taught in a classroom. This

support can sometimes enlighten a student’s understanding. Tutors provide this

attention, helping students accomplish their academic goals,based upon the grade

level’s expectations. Planning is based on the curriculum that will be covered over the whole

year. This is an important component between the classroom teacher and the tutor.

Approaches in student’s work habits vary. By working with an in-school tutoring program

the tutors get some insight on how each child learns. Classroom teacher are also

gaining this insight as they work with students. 

     Once a tutor receives insight on how each child learns, the lessons are modified to

meet the needs of individual student. Each child has his or her own learning style, and I

as a tutor can tap into it. This helps to know what teaching techniques individual

children responds to best.

     As tutoring sessions continues, it's important that I monitor student’s academic

 progress.  Ongoing communication between the classroom teacher and the tutor

include discussions about student’s individual progress. 

     If at any time a student’s progress becomes limited, I identify the problem and make

the appropriate adjustments based upon the student’s abilities. As goals are reached we

continue to practice those skills as well as tackle other academic goals. Occasionally

revising the goals if necessary. Revision of a goal is a stepping stone which allows the

tutor to assist students who are now moving closer to mastering the specific academic

skills. At this point the students are showing the classroom teacher how much they have

gained by working with a tutor.

Phillip Dank

I am a teacher at St. Jerome School in Cleveland.

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Volume 12, Issue 4, Posted 4:36 PM, 04.01.2020