Collinwood/nottingham Village Dev Corp

Winter safety tips

Take the time now to get your home ready for the winter season by following these tips:

  1. Have your heating system checked by a professional annually. This will ensure that your system is working safely and efficiently which, in turn, will save you money. If you heat by wood, clean your fireplace or stove. Have your chimney flue checked for any buildup of creosote and then cleaned to lessen the risk of fire.
  2. Change your furnace filter monthly during the winter season.
  3. Caulk and weather-strip doors and windowsills to keep cold air out.
  4. Inspect and flush your water heater.
  5. Clean gutters. Leaves and other debris will hamper drainage.
  6. Replace batteries of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors when the time changes (twice a year).
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Volume 2, Issue 11, Posted 2:14 PM, 11.11.2010

Programs to help with Winter heating bills

Winter Crisis Program (Emergency Energy Assistance Program)

The Winter Crisis Program provides assistance once per heating season to eligible low-income households that are disconnected or threatened with disconnection. 

Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP)

Ohio's Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP) is a federally-funded low-income residential energy efficiency program. Services include attic, wall and basement insulation; air sealing; heating system repairs or replacements; and health and safety testing and inspections.

Income Eligibility (for both programs)

The total household income of an applicant must be at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines.

# of persons in household     Max Income

1                                         $21,600

2                                         $29,140

3                                         $36,620

4                                         $44,100

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Volume 2, Issue 11, Posted 2:14 PM, 11.11.2010

Fall Safety & Homeowner Tips

Helpful Fall Tips

  1. As you know it is getting dark out earlier and earlier. This makes it even more important to have working street lights.  Please notify Cleveland Public Power of nonworking street lights by calling 216-621-lite (621-5483).
  2. Let’s get the chuck holes in South Collinwood taken care of before winter.  Report chuck holes to the City of Cleveland at 216-664-2150.
  3. Be sure to clear leaves from storm drains and manhole covers.  Leaves can clog storm drains causing storm water to flood streets and basements.
  4. “Nosy” neighbors help create good neighborhoods. 
  • Look out for your neighbors.  If you see something that does not “look or feel right”, call the Police at 216-621-1234. 
  • If you notice that a home has been recently vacated, please notify Mike Troha at 216-383-9772.
  • If you see any unusual activity at a vacant home, call the Police then let Mike Troha know (216-383-9772).

Get involved! 

  • The Collinwood Homeowners & Tenants Association meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at St. Mary’s cafeteria. They welcome all Collinwood residents to attend.
  • For information on joining or creating a block watch or to schedule a free home safety audit, call Greg Pollard at 216-383-9772 or e-mail him at Greg is the Safety Coordinator for Ward 11.
  • Nottingham Civic Club meets the third Tuesday of every month. 7 p.m., Nottingham United Methodist Church, 18316 St. Clair Ave.
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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 5:00 AM, 10.01.2010

South Collinwood Business “Meet & Greet”

The Collinwood & Nottingham Villages Development Corporation (CNVDC) is inviting South Collinwood businesses to a meet and greet networking event. 

Why South Collinwood businesses should attend:

  • Networking meetings can raise your profile as you will meet a diverse range of business professionals who are committed to helping each business thrive and flourish.
  • The sharing of experiences stimulates the creative process and helps to generate new ideas and new opportunities which will keep you up to date and informed on the latest viewpoints in the business world.
  • Networking will enable you to build business relationships with people from a wide range of professions thus further enhancing your own pool of resources.

Ginn Academy upperclassmen are also invited so they can see firsthand what types of jobs may be available after graduation, as well as future entrepreneurial opportunities in South Collinwood.

The event will be held at Ginn Academy (655 E 162nd) on Wednesday, November 10 at 5:00 PM.  There is off street parking behind the school.

We encourage all South Collinwood businesses to attend.  Please RSVP by calling Yolanda Anderson at 216-383-9772.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 5:00 AM, 10.01.2010

Get smoke detectors installed in your home for free!

Do you need to have smoke detectors and/or batteries installed in your home? There is a program available to help. 

Facts & Figures:

  • Almost two-thirds of home fire deaths result from fires in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms.
  • Roughly one of every five smoke alarm failures was due to dead batteries.
  • In the U.S., a civilian dies from fire every 156 minutes.

How to make sure your smoke detector works properly:

  1. Test your smoke detector once a month.
  2. Press the test button on your detector and check that the device beeps or rings loudly.
  3. Use a broom handle or pool cue to test hard to reach smoke detectors.
  4. Avoid lighting candles under the detector to see if the alarm goes off. Repeated use of smoke to activate detectors can cause them to fail when a real fire occurs.

Source:  National Fire Protection Association (

How to get free smoke detectors and batteries installed in your home:

The Vanguards of Cleveland (local chapter of the International Association of Black Professional Firefighters) are offering to install smoke detectors and/or batteries free of charge on a first come, first served basis. The program is available to all owner occupants and renters. Seniors and disabled persons are especially encouraged to apply!

To have smoke detectors/batteries installed in your home, call the Ward 11 Safety Coordinator Greg Pollard at 216-383-9772. He will assist you with completing the application and forward it to the Vanguards of Cleveland.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 5:00 AM, 10.01.2010

Fall: A Time for Beautiful Leaves, Crisp Morning Air, & Cleaning Your Gutters!

Unclogging and cleaning gutters

Gutters reroute the flow of water in and around one’s home, but can easily become clogged by leaves and debris flowing along with the rushing rainwater. To combat this it is essential to regularly unclog one’s gutters before and after a heavy rain so that water can flow freely without obstruction. Bring a rake and a green bin, because it can get messy.

 Cleaning gutters so that they don’t freeze

Cleaning gutters is also essential to protecting the longevity of the gutters as well as preserving their use. In colder areas gutters might crack when backed-up water freezes in the recesses of the gutters, aggravating the problems with one’s gutters.  In addition, when gutters don’t work properly, water can be inadvertently directed to your home’s foundation, causing costly damage to your basement and foundation.


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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 4:02 PM, 09.03.2010

Help for Seniors: Fall Chores

Cleveland Gutter Assistance Program for Seniors (CGAPS)

This short-term program assists limited-income Seniors with gutter cleaning. Interested parties may submit an application with supporting documents. To get an application, as well as assistance completing the application, call the Collinwood & Nottingham Villages Development Corporation at 216-383-9772.

Leaf  Raking Program

Over 3000 Greater Cleveland Boy Scouts and Leaders rake leaves annually for 1000+ Cleveland seniors through the Yard Charge Program. This collaborative effort is coordinated by the Departments of Aging, Public Service and City Planning.   Completed applications are due to the City of Cleveland on September 8, 2010.  For more information and/or to request an application, call Collinwood & Nottingham Villages Development Corporation at 216-383-9772.

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Volume 2, Issue 9, Posted 4:02 PM, 09.03.2010

CNVDC has free drug cards

 Do you live in South Collinwood and need $$$ help with your prescriptions?  We have 50 FREE drug cards that we can distribute to our residents. 

The drug card will give you an average savings of 55% on generic drugs and 15% on brand name drugs. There are no waiting periods, no pre-existing exclusions, and everyone qualifies for the discount.

Please call Kathy at 216-383-9772 or e-mail for more information. CNVDC will distribute the cards on a first come, first serve basis so don’t delay if this card could help you.

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Volume 2, Issue 8, Posted 3:38 PM, 07.20.2010

Help for seniors

Summer Heat Information: If you need tips and help with beating the summer heat, call the Cleveland Dept. of Aging at 216-664-2833.

Summer Crisis Program: A special component of HEAP, the Summer Crisis Program, provides summer cooling assistance for low-income elderly households and for Ohioans with qualifying medical conditions. The program applies to electric utilities only.

What are the benefits? One-time payment assistance of up to $175 to be put towards: • Electric bill payment, • Air conditioning unit, or • Fan.

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Volume 2, Issue 8, Posted 2:41 PM, 07.20.2010

Let's prevent burglaries this summer

Summer should be about fun and the sun. Unfortunately, summer can also mean an increase in crime. Below are a few steps you can take to help prevent burglaries and keep your neighborhood safe:

  • Close and lock all first floor windows before you leave your home and/or go to bed. (Close ALL windows before you leave.)
  • Don’t leave your housekeys under the doormat, in an unlocked garage, etc. Doing so can invite unwanted guests.
  • Don’t leave garbage cans and ladders under windows (this helps burglars climb into windows!) Also, always store your ladder/s in a secured location such as a locked garage.
  • If you purchase a big ticket item like a big screen TV or computer, tear the box into pieces and put it in a garbage bag for garbage day. Putting an intact box on your tree lawn can let ne’er-do-wells know you have something worth stealing…
  •  Don’t put that new big screen TV right in front of your picture window (or put up curtains). Again, you don’t want to advertise that you have nice things that a crook might want!
  • Turn on exterior lights at night. Lighting can deter burglars.
  • Look out for your neighbors. If you see something that does not “look or feel right”, call the Police at 216-621-1234. 

For information on joining or creating a blockwatch or to schedule a free home safety audit, call Greg Pollard at 216-383-9772 or e-mail him at Greg is the Safety Coordinator for Ward 11.

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Volume 2, Issue 8, Posted 10:05 AM, 07.20.2010

CNVDC can help connect businesses, people, and properties

Collinwood & Nottingham Villages Development Corporation (CNVDC) launched its new website this spring and we continue to add features to make it more robust and user-friendly.

We now list residential and commercial properties available for rent and will provide one-on-one assistance to business owners who want to start or grow a business in the South Collinwood/Nottingham Villages area.

Check out Commercial properties are listed under “Business Opportunities” and residential properties are listed under “Housing Opportunities”. 

For personalized business assistance, call Yolanda at 216-383-9772 or e-mail her at  For help finding the perfect CNVDC owned rental home call Jayme at 216-383-9772 or e-mail her at

We also welcome your suggestions for our website.


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Volume 2, Issue 8, Posted 12:43 PM, 07.15.2010

PNC Bank teams with CNVDC to make an abandoned building viable again

National City Bank (NCB) has always prided itself on being "your neighborhood bank". They have been a pillar of South Collinwood for longer than I care to remember, located at 979 East 152nd. They have stood as a neighborhood institution at the Five Points Intersection serving residents of Collinwood and offering banking services to more people than we can count over the years. When we heard the rumors about another bank coming in to purchase NCB, the neighborhood thought we were going to lose yet another staunch supporter. This has not proven to be the case. Now that they are a part of PNC, the previous NCB commitment will only grow stronger with increased support for valuable programs, from neighborhood causes to schools and business associations.
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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 10:47 AM, 06.03.2010

Apply for the 2010 Paint Voucher Program!

Collinwood & Nottingham Villages Development Corporation (CNVDC) is currently taking applications for the 2010 Cleveland Paint Voucher Program.  Eligible applicants may receive vouchers for up to $400.00 in free paint and supplies.   

To Qualify:Must be a low or moderate-income family (see income guidelines below). The applicant may be the owner or tenant, however, he/she must reside in the South Collinwood house being painted. If the applicant is a tenant, he/she must get signed permission from the owner to participate in the program. Must attend a Lead Safe Work Practice Class.

2010 Income Guidelines: Family Size of 1:36,300 2: $41,500 3: $46,650 4: $51,850 5: $56,000 6: $60,150 7:$64,300 8: $68,450.           

To Apply: 1. Get an application by calling CNVDC at 216-383-9772 or online at 2. Complete the application and submit ALL required documentation by August 1, 2010. Painting must be done within 30 days of application approval. 3.Required documentation: proof of ownership, proof of income, etc.  Call 216-383-9772 for details. 4. $60 refundable deposit due upon admission to the program. The $60 will be refunded to you upon passing the final inspection of the paint job by a City of Cleveland Lead Assessor. Please note that assistance covers paint and supplies only. You will be responsible for painting your home, once approved. Your house must be in good repair to qualify for the paint program. If you have other housing repair needs, call CNVDC or go online at for information on other housing assistance programs available to Cleveland homeowners.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 3:35 PM, 05.25.2010

Collinwood has a new Community Organizer & Safety Coordinator

As a former Police Officer of 34 years, Greg Pollard is utilizing his prior experience to track crime, as well as work with the community to prevent future crime in Collinwood. Greg has been a friend of the Ward 11 community for a long time.  He graduated from Collinwood High School and lives in the Collinwood community with his family. During his tenure with the Cleveland Police Department, Greg worked in the Ward 11 Police Mini Station and has worked with City Council Members on a wide variety of safety related issues. Greg looks forward to serving Ward 11 in this new capacity. 

How this new program can help you:You can get free safety audits of your home or business!·You can get help/advice on starting or reviving a block watch club.· Your block club can schedule presentations on a variety of topics related to neighborhood safety/quality of life/public participation.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 1:22 PM, 06.03.2010

Check out for South Collinwood News!

Check out for info and news about South Collinwood! The Collinwood & Nottingham Villages Development Corporation (CNVDC) has a new website!  The site,, was launched last month and features newly rehabbed homes for sale, assistance for home repair projects, and more. We hope you will check out and let us know what you think.  As with everything, the website is a work in progress and your thoughts/input would be very much appreciated.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 10:58 AM, 05.06.2010

Emergency housing help for seniors

Emergency Housing Help for Seniors:The Collinwood & Nottingham Villages Development Corporation (CNVDC) wanted to let everyone know about two new programs available to help seniors who live in Cleveland. Cuyahoga County Senior Guest House Ohio’s first Senior Guest House is one of a dozen sites of its kind in the United States.  It is designed as a temporary safe residence for older persons 60+ who must leave their home or apartment due to circumstances such as fire, structural damage, and eviction or strained family relationships. The Senior Guest House can accommodate up to eight residents at one time. Guests must live in Cuyahoga County and must be able to manage the activities of daily living without assistance. For admission criteria and referrals to the Senior Guest House contact Fairhill Partners at 216-421-1350 or 216-496-5604. The Senior Guest House is a demonstration and collaborative effort between Fairhill Partners, Cuyahoga County Department of Senior & Adult Services and the City of Cleveland Department of Aging. You can also call CNVDC at 216-383-9772 for more information.

Homeless Prevention Program for Cleveland Seniors: This federally-funded program, administered through the City of Cleveland, Department of Aging, is to provide homelessness prevention assistance to households who would otherwise become homeless without it. The City of Cleveland has a commitment to assisting Cleveland Seniors who are at risk of becoming homeless.  The Homelessness Prevention Program consists of :

  • Assessing your current situation to determine your level of need
  • Providing case management to help coordinate needed services
  • Working with Seniors to achieve a sustainable living arrangement
  • Request limited financial assistance if program requirements are met
For an assessment and/or more information, contact Susan at the City of Cleveland, Department of Aging at 216-420-7673.  This program is funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) and administered through HUD's Homelessness Prevention and Rapid ReHousing Program (HPRP).  You can also call CNVDC at 216-383-9772 for more information.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 10:58 AM, 05.06.2010

Neighborhood Connections: It's all about the relationships

Take a class and green up your winter!

OSU Extension-Cuyahoga County is now enrolling residents interested in learning the skills to grow food, build communities, and engage in the local food movement with two training programs in winter 2010.


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Volume 1, Issue 6, Posted 10:02 AM, 12.10.2009

Collinwood Christmas Memories

I lived in Collinwood for many years as a child growing up on Royal Road and then raising a family here also. Working for the Collinwood & Nottingham Villages Development Corporation for the past few years, has kept me close and truly in touch with the area. Even though I have moved from the neighborhood, I still belong to Holy Redeemer Church and my family and and spiritual roots are so deeply embedded here, I will always feel connected to Collinwood. 

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Volume 1, Issue 6, Posted 10:02 AM, 12.10.2009

City of Cleveland Citizens Survey

Completed surveys may be dropped off at Collinwood Nottingham Village Development Corporation, Famicos Ward 10 office, Northeast Shores, or mailed to:

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Volume 1, Issue 5, Posted 10:20 AM, 11.19.2009