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Put Your Yard to Work!

Tired of watering your ornamental plants? Wishing for (just a small bit of) those spring rains? Consider joining our online Master Rain Gardener course and building a self-sufficient* rain garden. Class includes 5 weeks of online content designed to walk you step by step through planning, design, digging, and planting your very own rain garden.

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Volume 12, Issue 7, Posted 5:01 PM, 07.06.2020

The Art of Spiritual Bathing

Life has fast tracked us to complete tasks and even life itself at a break neck pace that leaves us tire worn out and often overwhelmed the need to have to start before  every moment of our life documented for all the world to see. However, what if there is was a way to slow that pace down and rejuvenate not only our skin but also out soul? Their actually is such a process Its called spiritual bathing and their is a unique art to it that allows people personalize and make the process their own.

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Volume 11, Issue 8, Posted 8:45 AM, 07.30.2019

Rescued Kittens Need Furever Home

Meet Cuddles & Coco Bean. They were rescued from the North Collinwood neighborhood on Labor Day weekend. These 2 babies were approximately 4 weeks old at that time, and in pretty bad shape.

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Volume 9, Issue 11, Posted 1:22 PM, 11.03.2017

Job opportunities

If you are looking for a job and you want to be more involved in your community, the Young Leaders Program is the company you should apply to work for. There are multiple positions available within our company. You can apply to work directly with our kids over in the program department or work as a promoter interacting with the public in different communities. Our company is all about Youth and Community!! If your interested in working in either department contact Vice President Breauna Sweeney 216 622-5849 or send your resume to

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Volume 8, Issue 5, Posted 5:10 PM, 05.05.2016

Fefe the Collinwood Cat

I’ve never considered myself a cat person. Even with this furball cuddled in my lap, it’s hard to resign myself to the title of “cat lady”.

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Volume 7, Issue 11, Posted 11:41 AM, 11.25.2015

"Caturday" Night Vegetarian Bbq Fundraiser

The Waterloo Alley Cat Project will be holding a vegetarian BBQ fundraising event on Saturday, September 19th at 6:00 p.m. in Gallery 160, 16008 Waterloo Road. The cost to attend this “all you can eat event” is $10. The night will also include live music by Clint Holley, raffles, a cash bar, and a slideshow of the neighborhood feral cats that are being helped by the Cat Project. A truly fun evening for a good cause. A red pick-up truck will also be parked out front for dropping off cat food donations. All donations and money raised will be used to feed, shelter and provide veterinary care for Waterloo’s feral cats.

The Waterloo Alley Cat Project (WACP) is a small nonprofit group of 7 dedicated people volunteering their time to care for and protect the feral cats that live in the arts and retail district on Waterloo Road. WACP implemented the humane method of trap-neuter/spay-release in November 2009 to reduce the large population of cats roaming the streets. To date, they have spayed and neutered over 250 cats. Through teamwork, their mission is to help the community by caring for the cats and teach that all life is connected.

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Volume 7, Issue 9, Posted 6:40 PM, 09.08.2015

Young Leaders Program do Community Service at E 140th Garden

Young Leaders Program did community service alongside members of the community on E 140th on Lakeshore. They cut grass and pulled weeds out of the mini bean ,cabage and peper gardens . Young Leaders Program is all about helping the community. If you are a local business and you need a helping hand with anything, we do not mind doing service. We are located in the Collinwood Recreational Center, where we teach 6th-12th graders  problem solving,critical thinking,community awareness, and leadership skills. If you are interested in volunteering ,signing your 6th-12th grader up or becoming a part of our staff call Vice President Breauna Sweeney (216) 622-5849  or send a resume to Be a part of the solution !!

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Volume 7, Issue 8, Posted 7:10 PM, 08.09.2015

Waterloo Alley Cat Project 6th Annual Fundraiser

Saturday, March 28, 2015, 7-11p.m. The Waterloo Alley Cat Project’s mission is to protect and care for the abandoned/feral cats that live in the burgeoning Waterloo Road Arts & Entertainment District, in the North Collinwood area of Cleveland.  A non-profit, volunteer, grassroots organization, WACP uses the humane trap-neuter/spay-return method to help reduce the number of cats and kittens roaming the streets of our growing neighborhood.  Since its inception in November 2009, the WACP has spayed and neutered over 250 cats and continues to feed over 50 cats on a daily basis.

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Volume 7, Issue 3, Posted 7:53 PM, 03.06.2015

Vigil for Cats Killed by Roaming Dogs

During the month of October, over 17 cats were killed and 2 seriously maimed by a pack of roaming dogs in the North Collinwood/Euclid Beach neighborhood. More cats are missing and presumed dead.
Animal Control trapped 2 roaming dogs within the target area and found the owner who had a total of 5 adult dogs and 9 puppies. The owner relinquished ownership of the dogs to Animal Control and now faces any legal charges that can be laid against him.
On Friday, December 5, 2014, coinciding with the monthly Walk On Waterloo, a vigil of remembrance for the deceased cats and the ill-fated dogs, will be held at Blue Arrow Records & Boutique 16001 Waterloo Road, Cleveland OH 44110 from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Tax deductible donations toward building a secure enclosure and safe winter shelters for a colony of community cats cared for by the Waterloo Alley Cat Project will most gratefully be accepted either at the vigil or by mail to PO Box 19246 Cleveland OH 44119. For more information please visit

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Volume 6, Issue 11, Posted 2:57 PM, 01.24.2015

Beach Pictures that Don’t Look Like They’re from Cleveland.

Earlier this summer Cleveland’s SCENE magazine put together a collection of photographs illustrating views of the city that many people (sadly) never see.

Thanks to accessible photo-altering applications like Instagram, even photographs of a mud puddle can look Caribbean-esque. Some of the entries in this particular article were most certainly doctored, while others sang the true, unfiltered beauty of our Great Lake in Cleveland’s backyard.

In North Collinwood we have an unbelievable resource at our fingertips. From public boat-slips at Wildwood Marina to rock outcroppings perfect for catching walleye or bass. From the grassy lawn of Euclid Beach Park to the sandy shores of the cleaner beaches, we have it all.

And we know it.

One of my preferred jogging paths is along the bluff through Euclid Beach Park, Villa Angela, and Wildwood. In the evening, just before sunset, this eastside stretch of Cleveland Metroparks’ property is most active - flush with people and their pets enjoying the view, the fresh air, and on Friday evenings, the music flowing from the “Euclid Beach Live” stage.

Everyone is friendly and life is all good when the brilliant sun sends a rainbow of colors through the sky to dance across the lapping waves.

I take A LOT of photographs of Lake Erie. I share a fraction of them with friends and followers of my social media accounts and print a few of the truly exceptional shots for display on my living room walls.

I love our neighborhood, Lake, and parks so much that more often than not my Facebook looks like a travel site for North Shore Collinwood. But instead of offering once-in-a-lifetime trips to far-flung corners of the globe, our vacation days are every day that we take a minute to walk to the water, sit in the grass, lay on the sand, and breathe.

Cleveland is a city chock full of gems, but none so grand as our lakefront. If it’s hard to believe anyone could take a beach photograph like mine or the ones in SCENE, you really should get out there more!

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Volume 6, Issue 6, Posted 2:02 PM, 07.12.2014

My Collinwood: Vol. 5 Where the Heart Is

Every now and again an article about Cleveland is written in a National/International publication and the City goes crazy. I suppose its worthwhile to celebrate the little victories along with the big ones (to paraphrase my yoga instructors), yet I cannot help cringing when I hear fellow residents cheering the mere notion that east and west metropolises know we on the Third Coast exist. 

Don’t misunderstand me, I love reading about our City just as much as I love writing about her, but I am growing weary of these articles out-sourced to non-residents. Despite their increasing frequency, these articles do little to capture the true spirit of Cleveland, and more importantly, its people.

Predictably, the author provides an all-too-brief synopsis of the City’s history, blithely noting that Cleveland was once an industrial boomtown and is now but a museum of ruin-porn. Inevitably, the next few lines serve to persuade far-flung readers that the River is no longer on fire and nowadays the Cleveland Clinic hardly ever treats a resident for black lung. However, modern problems do plague the city: population loss, the housing crisis, vacancies, political scandals, and a penchant for treating women horribly in the privacy of century-old homes, our witnesses to the great rise and fall of this City.

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Volume 5, Issue 11, Posted 5:41 PM, 12.12.2013

My Collinwood: Living on Lake Erie

Living on Lake Erie is awesome. And I have proof to back that up.

When I’m not working, crafting, or writing love letters to my new neighborhood I can be found studying up for the ultimate rite of passage in architecture: Licensing Exams.

A series of seven exams, each focuses on a specific topic ranging from the perils of mid-century modern urban planning to classification of soil plasticity, grain size, compaction strength, and so on. Once the exam is completed, an ordinary, folded piece of paper comes through the mail announcing your status as a capital ‘A’ Architect… so long as you keep up with continuing education credits, professional fees, and fulfill other elusive requirements shrouded in secrecy. But I digress.

Just over the half-way hump, my most recent exam preparation rendered fact my belief that living along the sandy shores of Lake Erie is as close to perfection as it gets in Northeast Ohio. You see, in the Greater Cleveland area we are governed by our macroclimate, which is largely a result of altitude, or the sun’s low angle to the earth. From East to South to West we experience the four seasons, similar spikes in humidity, and snow, snow, snow. 

However, for those of you who have battled a few Old Man Winters from the shoreline, you know as well as I do that the dreaded “Lake Effect Snow” isn’t as troublesome as our neighbors in the Heights perceive it to be.

Why? Because living in proximity to water tempers our environment, allowing for a moderate microclimate. While the actual beach may be frigid and plagued with damp air, and unprotected higher elevations to the south receive the brunt of the precipitation load, our neighborhood’s position mid-way up the hill is ideal. The water retains heat and this added warmth in the winter pushes the cooler temps and snow beyond our tiny enclave, precluding us smarties living in North Collinwood from shoveling intense snowfalls.  Rain? Yes. Wind? Oh, yes, but I’ll gladly strap on a pair of wellies and leave the snow angels to the folks out East, West, and South of us.

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Volume 5, Issue 10, Posted 7:45 PM, 11.10.2013

Waterloo Alley Cat Project and Hammy

Hello! My name is Hammy and I would like to tell you my incredible story.

I was a stray cat minding my own business when one day OUCH! --I was hit by a car!! I survived the hit, but I was in pain; I couldn't use my back right leg at all. Luckily, a very friendly lady took me care of me while she called her friends at the Waterloo Alley Cat Project (WACP). Because I was so affectionate I happily went with the ladies from WACP (somehow I knew they were going to help me). 

I went to see the doctors at Rainbow Veterinary Clinic (they are really nice to animals and are always willing to help out us WACP kitties). They took an x-ray of my leg and found out it was a clean break- in 2 places; no wonder I was limping around! As they were wrapping my leg in a temporary cast my FIV/Leukemia test came back...I tested positive for FIV.

Most people don't know that an FIV positive result doesn't mean I can't be a loving and wonderful companion. All the people who were trying to help me started to cry. I think they were worried that no one would be interested in adopting a kitty with a hurt leg and FIV. I can't spread the disease to people or other animals; I just need to be with another FIV positive kitty-friend or live in a house with a loving person who can take me to the veterinarian 2 times a year.

My human helpers started to talk about putting me to sleep...but I wasn't even tired! I am only a year old, I have a beautiful clean coat, a perfect weight and very clean teeth. The ladies from the Waterloo Alley Cat Project were making phone calls and sending lots of text messages. One of the ladies kept saying “we can't let him go, he is going to get a home, I can just feel it.” But the clock was ticking and the doctor had a big needle ready for me. SUDDENLY- a text message came in asking “Is it too late?”

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Volume 5, Issue 10, Posted 7:47 PM, 11.10.2013

My Collinwood; Installment No. 2: "Where can I get a cup of coffee around here?" and "I caught my own perch!"

Making the most of fresh eyes.

When you move to a new place – be it a home, a city, or even a country – there exists a brief window during which you posses a unique superpower: the ability to see everything clearly and precisely.

In Collinwood I am using my powers wisely to see the good, the bad, the ugly, and most of all, the prospects.

Collinwood is a neighborhood some people find difficult to love. It’s a neighborhood under construction: a tear-down on one street, a rehab on the next, all around construction barrels warn of asphalt worn down to the sandy loam.

It’s a neighborhood of great potential.

Collinwood is one of the more connected parts of the city, especially in terms of interstate connectivity. Coming from New Jersey - the state infamously ridiculed as a mere highway linking the great eastern metropolises - Collinwood represents an important nexus where I can be most anywhere worth going in fifteen minutes or less.

Connected we are, but amenities we lack. Too often I ride to Euclid for an espresso and wifi, to Lakewood for “healthy” pizza, back to the old turf in Cleveland Heights for spinach pie and sushi. Although, recently I dined at Bistro 185 for the first time and loved every morsel. Then, the next day I set sail on the Linda Mae and pulled the most delicious perch from the depths of Lake Erie. Chili Peppers crafts the best burrito in this city, hands down; and I have a soft, too soft, spot for V’s Chicken.

Certainly, there are gems and shiny, new establishments in the pipeline. Still, where do I pick up a quick cuppa Joe on the way to my studio? (ps. This is not a rhetorical question. I want to know!)

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Volume 5, Issue 8, Posted 1:20 PM, 09.12.2013

Waterloo Alley Cat Project Fundraiser and World Spay Month Celebration February 15

The Waterloo Alley Cat Project is the North Collinwood neighborhood volunteer organization in Cleveland that has implemented the trap-neuter/spay-return method to reduce the number of cats and kittens roaming the streets around the burgeoning Waterloo Road arts and business district. Since its inception in November 2009, the Project has spayed and neutered over 200 cats and has garnered the support of municipal officials, residents and local businesses.  Debbie Gulyas, business owner and Waterloo Alley Cat Project volunteer, remarked, “The cat population in the neighborhood is now decreasing and we have saved the lives of many cats. Through teamwork, our mission is to improve and protect the lives of all feral cats; and teach that all life is connected.”

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Volume 5, Issue 1, Posted 6:43 PM, 02.12.2013

Waterloo Alley Cat Project presents "Kitty Consciousness" night at the Beachland Tavern celebrating National Feral Cat Day Friday, October 12, 2012, at 7:30 PM

“Kitty Consciousness” is a free event celebrating National Feral Cat Day to help raise awareness of the work we are doing to help the cats as well as our neighborhood. The night will include 3 local bands: Tinko, Triage, and Infero; a DJ spinning cat-related songs; a slideshow showing off our healthy neighborhood feral cats; free appetizers; information about our trap-neuter/spay-release program, a 50/50 raffle and a silent auction of gift baskets donated from area retailers to help raise funds.

The Waterloo Alley Cat Project (WACP) is a small nonprofit group of 7 dedicated people volunteering their time to care for and protect the abandoned/feral cats that live in our burgeoning arts and retail district on Waterloo Road in Cleveland, Ohio. WACP implemented the humane method of trap-neuter/spay-release in November 2009 to help the large number of feral cats in the community. As a result, we have spayed and neutered over 200 cats, found homes for approximately 20, and are currently managing 3 healthy cat colonies. We are proud to report that our TNR program is working. The cat population in our neighborhood is decreasing and, in the process, we have saved the lives of many cats. Through teamwork, our mission is to improve our community, protect the lives of all feral cats and teach that all life is connected.

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Volume 4, Issue 10, Posted 2:46 PM, 10.05.2012

Collinwood Growth Project

Do you know someone who is fascinating, who is unique, has overcome struggle, who has tirelessly contributed to their community, someone who really represents the Collinwood neighborhood? Nominate them as a subject for “The Collinwood Growth Project”!

We are creating a grant-funded documentary film in which community members nominate the subjects. We are looking for interesting subjects of all different ages, races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds to represent the eclecticism and cultural diversity of the neighborhood. We will select three to five people from the nominations who together represent the diversity of the neighborhood. We will use this project as a springboard to create discussions and generate interest in the neighborhood and eventually expand this project as venue for preservation.

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Volume 4, Issue 7, Posted 1:56 PM, 08.11.2012

Waterloo Alley Cat Project: Baxter's Story

Donald was on his way to the Waterloo Arts Fest on a sweltering hot Summer afternoon. While walking over the busy E. 152nd Street bridge he felt a pair of eyes intently focused on him. It was a tiny kitten hanging on for dear life on the outside of the chain link fence with a shoestring tied around its neck. Someone had left it there to dangle over the railroad tracks some 100 feet below.

At the risk of his own safety, Donald quickly climbed up to where he could reach the kitten and save it from falling. As if this poor creature's plight wasn't bad enough, he discovered that it had also been doused with a kind of chemical that burned his skin upon touching it.

The whole scenario was so overwhelming it was hard for him to think straight. Fortunately however, he remembered that his mother-in-law, Sheila Harris, had connections with a local grassroots volunteer group that had helped her with homeless cats, called the Waterloo Alley Cat Project (WACP). He called her and she told him to bring the kitten over immediately.

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Volume 4, Issue 7, Posted 2:08 PM, 08.11.2012

Waterloo Alley Cat Project awarded grant from ASPCA

The national office of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has recognized the Waterloo Alley Cat Project (WACP) as being worthy of a grant specifically designated for covering the high cost of testing felines for fatal diseases, i.e. FIV/FELV, better known as feline AIDS and leukemia. When WACP volunteers trap feral/ abandoned/ homeless cats to be taken in for spaying or neutering they must be tested for FIV/FELV first. The tough decision in every one of these instances when the cat tests positive, is that it usually results in euthanasia, with very rare exceptions. The least expensive rescue rate offered anywhere in Cleveland is $30 per cat. Multiply that by the 100+ cats trapped to date and the cost is in the astronomical ballpark of $3,000.

WACP would like to publicly and wholeheartedly thank the ASPCA for their vital support. Their assistance contributes so much to the quality of life of all residents and to the health of outdoor cats in the Waterloo neighborhood.

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Volume 4, Issue 6, Posted 1:35 PM, 07.14.2012

FREE Summer Programs at Wildwood and Euclid Beach parks

While our winter and spring weren't too bad, weather-wise, everyone always looks forward to summer and all the fun activities and events that take place during this time. Cleveland Lakefront State Park has many fun, family-oriented, FREE events planned for this summer - many taking place right in your neighborhood at Euclid Beach and Wildwood State Park areas. 

There will be nature discovery programs, fishing adventures on the breakwall, canoeing on Euclid Creek, bat night, and more. One special event new for this summer, on July 21, is the opportunity to meet Dr. Marcus Eriksen of The 5Gyres Institute to learn how plastics are harmful to the aquatic environment and participate in a citizen science opportunity to survey Euclid Beach. You may have heard about Dr. Eriksen when he built a boat from plastic bottles and sailed it on the Pacific Ocean and spoke about the pacific garbage patch to spread the message about the dangers of plastics in the water. 

While the previously mentioned programs are open to the general public, there are also opportunities for 'private group' programs as well - such as day camps, day cares, etc. These are by appointment on a first come first served basis.  Inquire for further details.

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Volume 4, Issue 5, Posted 9:13 PM, 06.08.2012

The Great Euclid Creek Invasive Plant Pull at Wildwood State Park

The month of March gave us an early taste of spring weather and sights. Nature invited us out to feel the warm breezes and observe the arrival of many spring plants. And not that our winter was so bad, but here in Northeast Ohio, we welcome any chance to get out and enjoy our surroundings. 

Now that the calendar has finally caught up with the weather, here are some opportunities for you to get out and enjoy your local Ohio State Park:

May 12 from 10am-Noon:  The Great Euclid Creek Invasive Plant Pull at Wildwood State Park. We'll be pulling Garlic Mustard, an invasive plant that out-competes native species and isn't a good food source for wildlife. This event is co-sponsored with the Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District. Meet at the Wildwood entrance parking lot. Bring garden/work gloves if you have 'em.

May 26 from 10am-Noon:  Fishing Fun at Wildwood State Park. Meet at the west end parking lot. Equipment and bait provided for the first 15 participants under 16 years of age.

Be sure to watch for our summer schedule at our local website:

Carol Ward is the Park Naturalist for Cleveland Lakefront State Park.

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Volume 4, Issue 4, Posted 10:34 AM, 05.03.2012

"If You Build It, He Will Come!" X How About A Smile?

Hello Collinwood Family,

Wow.  Can you believe it?  Are you relishing in it?  Can you feel it?  Are you seeing it?  Amazing!  Unbelievable!  Fantastic!  Marvelous!  Wonderful!  You know exactly what I am referring to Collinwood Family and beyond.  Unseasonably warm temperatures and blue sunny skies.  I am so excited.  I am so stoked.  I am going out of my mind.  I am giddy like a school kid experiencing his first summer vacation.  So family, can someone, anyone answer this question for me?  Why aren’t more people smiling?  Why aren’t more people laughing?  Why aren’t more people displaying a grateful walk and even more of a grateful talk?  I just don’t understand US.  Now at the time of this writing this coming weekend on the Cleveland calendar means St. Patrick’s Day as well as the “official” beginning of Spring.  But you know family, rarely does Spring show up when the calendar says so.  Particularly here in Cleveland.  Need I remind you that our average high at this time of the year is a cold 41 degrees and the average low is 28 degrees?  And that is not with blue but grey skies.  But now we have Sun and fun in Cleveland in the month of March.  WOW! 

I therefore reference a previous article that spoke about the benefits of sunny skies.  In Blue Skies and Sunshine Everywhere I wrote:  “So the next time you feel a bit “down” (you probably need an increase of both vitamin D and vitamin B12 [the direct effect of the sun’s rays provide you the same thing] in your diet) remember that beauty exists all around you through the snow, the cold and yes particularly the vista “above the hills from which comes your help.” Well now Family you do have the blue skies and sunshine everywhere so Just Smile.

By the way did you know that science has proven that it takes more muscles in your face to display a frown as opposed to showing those pearly whites?  Remember “a smile is just a frown turned upside down.”  So once again; How About A Smile?

By the way, the forecasted average temperature for the beginning to end of this coming week is 79 degrees.  Believe me, I am smiling.  How about you?

Just thought you might like to know.

Until Next Time Happy Planting Collinwood Family.

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Volume 4, Issue 4, Posted 5:33 PM, 05.03.2012

"If You Build It, He Will Come!" VII Blue skies and sunshine, everywhere

Hello Collinwood Family,

Sometimes during these cold winter days filled with grey skies it is difficult to maintain joy and even hope in a world that seemingly grows frigid and loveless with each passing moment. Even scientific studies have shown that depression increases during these “dark” months. And yet recently during my daily prayer and meditation time I was reminded that blue skies and sunshine are really everywhere. I suppose that is what the Psalmist meant when he wrote: “I will lift my eyes above the hills from which comes my help. My help comes from the Lord, the Maker (Creator) of Heaven and Earth.” (Psalm 121:1,2) 

Yes family, above those grey clouds exist blue skies and sunshine. And lest we forget during the midnight hour a myriad of stars including our Earth’s amazing cousin the moon lights even our path at night. In fact, both the day and night sky represent a beautiful portrait painted by a universally renowned artist. Truly a loving and kind artist who gave this “mural” to you and I as an eternal gift for our enjoyment. So the next time you feel a bit “down” (you probably need an increase of both vitamin D and vitamin B12 [the direct effect of the sun’s rays provide you the same thing] in your diet) remember that beauty exists all around you through the snow, the cold and yes particularly the vista “above the hills from which comes your help.” Just slow down and take the time to appreciate the scene which can be only be seen by closing your eyes. Remembering the fact that blue skies and sunshine are truly everywhere is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and maybe even a song in your heart. Of course if you are like me I would encourage you to not sing that song out loud.  That time is best left for the shower.   

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Volume 4, Issue 2, Posted 8:24 AM, 03.03.2012

Fish Fry by "The Kitchen Angels" at Slovenian Workmen's Home

The Slovenian Workmen’s Home is located at 15335 Waterloo Road, Cleveland, Ohio and is happy to have a very active Auxiliary a.k.a. “Kitchen Angels.” These volunteers are under the leadership of June Slapnik and hold a Fish Fry not only during Lent, but every Friday during the year except a few holidays. Several of these ladies have been volunteering at the Fish Fry for over 25 years and they continue to have a good time serving their customers from near and far.   

Dinners are served from 3 PM until 8 PM (Lent schedule is 12 noon until 8 PM. The fish is lightly breaded by the ladies, then deep-fried in trans fat free oil. Baked fish is also available. Other items on the menu are: breaded shrimp, breaded pork chops, goulash and macaroni and cheese dinners. Side dish choices are: Slovenian home fries, polenta, cabbage and noodles, French fries, macaroni and cheese and the delicious Slovenian style cole slaw. Of course there is always freshly baked strudel on the menu for dessert. A cash bar is also available.

For birthday, anniversary, funeral brunch, etc. reservations, take-out orders or additional information, call 216/481-5378.

We also have four indoor balina/bocce courts available for league or individual play. Have dinner and then work it off on the courts. Call Joe at 440/376-8317 or 216/481-5378 for reservations or additional information.


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Volume 4, Issue 1, Posted 6:19 PM, 01.30.2012

Waterloo Alley Cat Project Fundraiser: February 3rd at The Beachland Ballroom

The Waterloo Alley Cat Project is a not for profit grassroots volunteer organization in the North Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland that has implemented the trap-neuter/spay-return method to help reduce the number of cats and kittens roaming the streets around the Waterloo Road business district. Since its inception in November 2009, the Project has spayed and neutered over 100 cats and garnered the support of municipal officials, residents and local businesses. Debbie Gulyas, Waterloo Road business owner and project volunteer remarked, “Two years ago it wasn’t unusual to see cats jumping into dumpsters looking frantically for food, or to find kittens living in the bushes on every side street. Today fewer kittens are being born and there are less roaming adult cats because we are taking care of their basic needs; making it a better place for all. I am so proud of our work.”

On Friday, February 3, 2012, Waterloo Alley Cat Project is hosting its 3rd Annual FUNdraiser at The Beachland Ballroom, 15711 Waterloo Road. The night will begin at 7 p.m with a basket raffle and silent auction, emceed by the legendary TV personality The Ghoul, with DJing by artist Jake Kelly. Over 30 fabulous items have been donated by local artists, businesses and individuals. Raffle tickets will be $2 each or 6 for $10; and you must be present to win. Local restaurants will be donating appetizers. Following the raffle and auction, there will be a concert at 9:30 p.m. featuring 3 local bands who will be donating their time and talents: Volcano Fortress, Shitbox Jimmy and The Very Knees.

Admission for the night is $5; or FREE if you bring cat food (3 cans wet or a bag of dry). 100% of the money raised goes to the care of the cats. If you can’t attend the event, tax deductible donations can be made to Northeast Shores Development Corporation, 317 East 156th St. Cleveland 44110 and mark in the memo:"Waterloo Alley Cat Project."

Deborah Gulyas is a merchant on Waterloo Road:Blue Arrow Records and Books, and This Way Out Vintage Shoppe in the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern. And, lover of cats.

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Volume 4, Issue 1, Posted 5:29 PM, 01.30.2012

“If You Build It, He Will Come!” VI AKA “Indian Summer”

Hello Collinwood Family,

Recently, while experiencing one of those amazingly cold and wet evenings that our Northeastern Ohio area is so famous for I remarked to a fellow patron of my Salon that “we may have seen “Indian summer” pass us by”.  She in turn said emphatically “oh no, not at all.  We haven’t seen our first frost.  Indian summer usually lasts a week and appears after the first frost.”   Obviously, given the blustery conditions outside this brief statement from someone I had just met made me want to give her a great big hug and kiss on the cheek.  I instead settled on doing the gentlemanly thing by walking her to her vehicle under my large umbrella and making sure she left safely. 

Later, this brief yet heart-warming encounter made me think and question what does the term Indian summer really mean?  And now, presented for your viewing pleasure, the facts behind Indian summer:

"An Indian summer is a meteorological phenomenon that occurs in the autumn. It refers to a period of considerably above normal temperatures, accompanied by dry and hazy conditions, usually after there has been a killing frost. Depending on latitude and elevation, the phenomenon can occur in the Northern Hemisphere between late September and mid November.  The modern use of the term is when the weather is sunny and clear, and above 21 °C (70 °F), after there has been a sharp frost; a period normally associated with late-October to mid-November.



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Volume 3, Issue 9, Posted 4:33 PM, 12.31.2011

“If You Build It, He Will Come!” Fill It Or It Shall Be Filled!

“When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order. Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first. So shall it also be with this wicked generation.”1 These words are taken from Bible.  The writer in this instance is Matthew; a tax collector and one of the first of many disciples selected by Jesus Christ to carry the Gospel to the “four” corners of the earth.  The speaker is Jesus himself.  The life altering statement is very simplistic and in principle can be applied in many aspects of our daily lives.  Simply put.  “Fill It Or It Shall Be Filled!”  And not only shall it be filled but it will be filled with something much worse than was there in the first place.

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Volume 3, Issue 8, Posted 10:05 PM, 10.05.2011

Slovene Home for the Aged Update

The Slovene Home for the Aged (the Slovene Home), held a groundbreaking ceremony on August 15, 2011, to kick-off Phase II of its three-phase expansion and renovation project. The rain held off to make way for a beautiful, sunny day as staff, board members and residents gathered with project architects from Herman Gibans Fodor, Inc. and Councilman Michael Polensek to commemorate this exciting occasion. Board Chair Bob Klancher made opening remarks and introduced Councilman Polensek, who lauded the Slovene Home’s rich history, tradition and commitment to quality care. 

Also on hand was Anita Gray, Congressional Liaison for Rep. Marcia L. Fudge, representatives from the project construction firm Marous Brothers, and Jure Zmauc, Consul General for the Republic of Slovenia.

The ceremony marked the beginning of construction of a new, state-of-the-art physical therapy suite, as well as 88 private rooms and 31 shared rooms. This expansion will enhance the Home’s short-term rehabilitation services as well as provide a more comfortable environment for existing and new residents. Construction is slated to be complete in May 2012.

Phase I of the project, which was completed in March 2011, included relocating the staff parking lot to newly acquired land, a complete reconfiguration of the existing visitor’s parking lot, a more easily accessible entrance, an entry canopy, pedestrian walkways and new boulevard entrance.

The groundbreaking ceremony was a wonderful event that demonstrates the Slovene Home’s ability to continue to serve its residents, respective families, staff, community partners and the Collinwood neighborhood. The Home is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and is looking forward to celebrating 50 more years of excellence. 

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Volume 3, Issue 7, Posted 3:48 PM, 09.15.2011

“If You Build It, He Will Come!” IV AKA Moles or Golf Holes? Which? Neither!

Hello Collinwood Family,

Ah, the dog days of summer.  Little League Baseball, Preseason Football, Major League Baseball Teams push towards pennant races and the last bit of heat and humidity before we are “jolted” into the reality of  harsh winds that turn into snowy cold days filled with hot chocolate and the warmth of the Holidays.  Oh, and how can we forget golf outings on are very own lawns.  Putting on the eighteenth hole to beat Arnold, or Jack or Tiger for the US Open Championship.  What?  You mean those holes that are on your pristine lawn or not manmade?  Of course they are not.  They are dug by those wonderful skunks in our area foraging for food.  And what have they found to entice their never ending appetite?  THE GRUB. 


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Volume 3, Issue 7, Posted 3:48 PM, 09.15.2011

Changes at the Boardwalk & the Upcoming Fundraiser for the Cleveland Police.

The Boardwalk on Waterloo Rd. has said farewell to their wonderful bar manager, Brittainy Heisler. Although it is a bitter-sweet goodbye, this change means there is a semi-new staff serving spirits at the quarter century old establishment. Stop by and meet these lovely ladies for some food and drinks. If you have yet to eat lunch there, then you are missing out. The Boardwalk’s kitchen opens at 10am Monday through Saturday, and 1pm on Sundays. The kitchen stays open until 1:30am every day of the week for the late night grub, and the bar also features week day food specials

On October 1st, 2011 the Boardwalk will be hosting a fundraiser for the Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association to benefit the men and women that have been affected by the Cleveland Police Layoffs. The event will feature entertainment by the Madison Crawl, a rockin band based out of Cleveland. The $15.00 Donation tickets are on sale now at the Boardwalk. See the Barmaids for details.

So visit the Boardwalk and meet their beautiful ladies, have some food and drinks, buy your tickets to show you support for those that protect us, and as always don’t forget to tip your bartender.

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Volume 3, Issue 7, Posted 3:46 PM, 09.15.2011

Salvation Army Block Party


The Salvation Army of Collinwood is having a big outdoor block party this Saturday, August 27th (12-4 p.m.) and would like to invite all of you to join us!  We will have a bouncy house, water slide, sports and carnival games, entertainment throughout the day, face painting, information booths and more!  We will be giving away hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, sno cones and other freebies!  It promises to be a very exciting event.


Lieutenant Chris Mauk
Corps Officer
The Salvation Army
Cleveland Temple Corps Community Center

17625 Grovewood Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44119
Phone: 216.692.1388 Ext. 13

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of
the universal Christian church.  Its message is based on the Bible.  Its
ministry is motivated by the love of God.  Its mission is to preach the
gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without

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Volume 3, Issue 6, Posted 12:57 PM, 08.25.2011

Car Show at the July Walk all Over Waterloo

The big highlight for July's Walk All Over Waterloo was The Boardwalk Classic Car Show. This year, they had twice as many cars pre-register, and the bands Del Rio Bandits and Madison Crawl rocking the Blues all day. As a result the street out front of the Boeardwalk looked and sounded like we traveled back in time. Aside form the car show, Wateroo had lots of other exciting activities going on all day, like the art in the old key bank building and No Problem Printing, sales and specials at all the shops and boutiques, and live music and the Ohio yo-yo chammpionship at the Beachland Ballroom. For the rest of 2011 the Walk All Over Waterloo will be the second Saturday of every month. For more info check out

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Volume 3, Issue 6, Posted 5:31 PM, 08.08.2011

“If You Build It, He Will Come!” II

Hello Collinwood Family,

Last month’s article, while touching on the amazing beauty and tranquil simplicity of our neighborhood and the progressive improvements rising up all around us also focused on the need to address the seasonal issue of weed control and prevention.  By the way, did you know that Collinwood was “annexed by the city of Cleveland in 1910? Originally part of Euclid Township, Collinwood grew around the rail yards of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway and that Collinwood became the home of several European ethnic groups along with Southern Appalachians. Later in the 1960s an influx of African Americans also formed a community in Collinwood. South Collinwood was known as "Italian Village" with a population of Italian descendants greater than that of Cleveland's Little Italy neighborhood. Central Collinwood was mostly Slovenian, Croatian, German, Polish and some Russians. West Collinwood was mostly Southern Appalachians. North Collinwood was a mixture of all groups including Catholic Irish.”[1]


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Volume 3, Issue 5, Posted 4:54 PM, 07.09.2011

...And around we go!

I’m willing to bet most of us have ridden a carousel (or “merry go round,” or “Carrousel” if you’re at Euclid Beach of course!) but ever think about what a marvelous piece of engineering a carousel is?

What makes a “merry go round” go ‘round?

Consider this: a carousel uses a mechanism that was pretty much perfected over a century ago. Aside from changes in power (four legged, steam then electric & sometimes gasoline), the basic design is the same regardless of the size of the carousel, and has stood the test of time with very little change.

Below is a good explanation of how a carousel works (from

“The carousel revolves around a stationary center pole made of metal or wood. An electric motor drives a small pulley that is controlled by a clutch for smooth starts. This pulley turns a drive belt and a larger pulley that turns a small-diameter, horizontal shaft. The end of the shaft is a pinion gear that turns a platform gear. The platform gear supports a vertical shaft that turns another pinion gear and final drive gear attached to the support beams of the carousel, called sweeps, which extend outward from the center pole like the ribs of an umbrella and support the platform, horses, and riders. The sweeps hold cranking rods that are turned by small gears at the inner ends that are driven by a stationary gear on the center pole. Horse hangers are suspended from the cranks, and as they turn, the horses move up and down about 30 times per minute. A typical carousel platform with horses and riders may weigh 10 tons and be driven by a 10-horsepower electric motor. After the motor's revolutions are reduced by the series of gears, the riders on the outer row of mounts will gallop along at about 5-11 miles per hour.”

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Volume 3, Issue 3, Posted 10:16 AM, 05.04.2011

"Our job is never finished": Euclid Beach Feral Cat project

I have loved animals ever since I was a little girl. I met Ginger in early July 2010 at Euclid Beach where she is the guardian of more than 3

I was so amazed by their dedication to these cats. I did not know what a feral cat was, or about the terrible problems of over population of stray, feral and abandoned cats. I learned that there are more than 3,400 homeless cats just in the North Collinwood area. That made me cry…I was so sad to think that these sweet furry kitties had no one to take care of them.

I now understand that the overpopulation of unwanted cats and kittens is due to people not getting their cats spayed or neutered. It only costs $10 at the Cleveland Animal Protection League to have them fixed, and they receive all their shots. So, if only people would be caring pet parents and take them to the APL there would be no more unwanted kittens! I help Ginger every Sunday to feed and trap, you see, we feed those cats that have been fixed and returned to their original home outdoors because they are too wild to get adopted.

8 feral cats. Brian is cat daddy for over 100 cats that live at the Euclid Beach Trailer Park.

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Volume 3, Issue 3, Posted 12:21 PM, 05.04.2011

Not So Silent Spring

I have a dear old friend who lives on a 10 acre farm in Newbury in Geauga County who laughs whenever I say that I live on an oasis near Eden because in actuality I live in the Collinwood section of Cleveland, which my friend feels is overcrowded with questionable safety. 

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Volume 3, Issue 2, Posted 11:10 AM, 04.04.2011

Two groups care for feral/abandoned cats in our community

Firstly, it must be said that an unfinished article entitled “Waterloo Alley Cat Project corrections to Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project update” in the Collinwood Observer, Vol. 3, Issue 1, March 2011, was mistakenly printed by The Observer. Both the publisher and the authors would like the entire readership to know that the article should be disregarded. Waterloo Alley Cat Project would also like to sincerely apologize to Ginger Hannah of Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project for any misunderstanding and/or ill will caused as a result of this inadvertent error. Both groups are dedicated to the common cause of managing the feral cat population.

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Volume 3, Issue 2, Posted 11:10 AM, 04.04.2011

Waterloo Alley Cat Project corrections to Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project update

Dear Editor,

I just read the story Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project Update by Ginger Hannah in Volume 2, Issue 12 of the Collinwood Observer and feel that a serious clarification needs to made due to false statements and implications made by Ms. Hannah.

A totally separate group known as The Waterloo Alley Cat Project is, and has been since 2009, dedicated to the humane trap-neuter/spay-release (TNR) method that is helping to reduce the stray cat overpopulation in North Collinwood.

Ms. Hannah used statistics in her story directly derived from the work performed by The Waterloo Alley Cat Project which she does not contribute to in any way; voluntarily or monetarily. Ms. Hannah states in her article that, “In North Collinwood, we TNR 68 cats...” When in fact, this work was done solely by WACP using their own money. WACP deserves to receive the recognition, particularly considering their seriously underfunded struggle that is improving the quality of life in North Collinwood’s Waterloo Road art and business district. 

Thank you for your kind consideration of the facts. Ms. Hannah’s efforts in the Euclid Beach area are greatly appreciated.

Donations can be made to Northeast Shores Development Corporation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which acts as fiscal agent for Waterloo Alley Cat Project.  Please write WACP on the memo line of your check and mail to: 317 East 156th St., Cleveland 44110.

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Volume 3, Issue 1, Posted 1:08 PM, 03.08.2011

Clean the beach, test the water, weigh the trash, March 19

Join the Euclid Beach Adopt-a-Beach Team for the first Spring Beach Cleanup at Euclid Beach Park, Saturday March 19, 10am-12pm -- and take part in World Water Day 2011. Volunteers will meet in the park pavilion at 10 am and then head down to the beach with the indefatigable Stephen Love, to collect trash and recyclables (an eye-opening experience, Stephen reports), conduct beach observation and interactive water quality tests and wrap things up at 12 pm with refreshments, pictures, a trash-weighing contest, World Water Day activities and a look at upcoming events for spring-summer 2011. Wear closed-toe shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. Disposable gloves, trash bags, trash pickers, rakes and refreshments will be provided. The entrance to Euclid Beach Park is at 16250 Lakeshore Blvd.

If you miss this one, there will be more: April 16, 10am-12pm; May 21, 10am-12pm; June 18, 10am-12pm. For more information on the Euclid Beach Adopt-a-Beach Team, e-mail or call 216-571-0685. The Team is also on Facebook -- More info can be found at And information on World Water Day can be found at

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Volume 3, Issue 1, Posted 12:57 PM, 03.08.2011

From the Naturalist...


I want to point out that there is a call for photos for display in the Exploration Station for the summer months.  If you have some photos of people, places, or wildlife that were taken within the areas of Clevelandlakefront or Headlands Beach State Parks that you'd like to share please consider submitting them for display.  Submission guidelines can be found on our website (click on 'Exploration Station' to reach the link).

Don't forget about the new 'Ask A Naturalist' program on the Ohio State Parks Facebook page (!/ohiostateparks?v=wall ).  Check the wall for videos to watch (a new one was posted on Friday).  Post comments and ask your own questions - which may be answered in a future segment.

For questions, more information, or pre-registrations, lease call 216-881-8141 ext. 3001. Check out photos from 2010 programs and events at & click on Naturalist Photo Album. Programming is available for youth and Scout groups, schools and preschools, etc. FREE of charge. Please call for topics and schedule availability.

Looking for volunteer opportunities? Need to fulfill a community service requirement? Contact us regarding possible projects available at the park.

Exploration Station: The Nature Center At Cleveland Lakefront State Park, 2011 Spring Hours

March Saturdays: 5, 12 and 19, 1-4 pm

April Saturdays: 2, 9, 16 and 23, 1-4 pm

May Saturdays: 14, 21 and 28, 1-4 pm

March Photo Exhibit: Dike 14 Winter Scenes from 2/20 Photo Safari Event (Public Submissions)

April & May Exhibit: Art from students at St. Rocco School (Christine Siarka’s classes)

Do you have some great shots of people, places, or wildlife take

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Volume 3, Issue 1, Posted 12:58 PM, 03.08.2011

Blue Sky (or Not!) - CycloCross

Bill Gibson of Blue Sky Bike Shop (565 E 185TH ST) sponsored Race #8 in the 2010 Northeast Ohio Cyclocross (NEOCX) series, "Blue Sky (or Not!) CycloCross" at Coulter Avenue Park in Euclid (also known as the sledding hill behind McDonald's.) The event took place on Sunday, November 14, 2010. 102 racers participated, coming from as far away as Michigan, Pittsburgh and Erie, Pa. There were three races: a Novice Category race 30 minutes in length, a Sport Category race 45 minutes in length. and an Expert Category race 60 minutes in length. Matt Weeks was the top man, Sally Price was the top woman and Ryan Madis was the top Junior. Euclid and Collinwood area racers who participated were: Andrius Stalliulionis 8th. Steve Drazdik 22nd, Chris O"Donnell 23rd, William Maxwell 24th - all in the Novice race. Cheers to them for rising up to the challenge. Ten per cent of all proceeds went to the Euclid Police Athletic League.

OK, so, what the heck is CycloCross? According to Gibson, CycloCross is not what people typically think when they think of bike racing. It's like steeplechase on wheels. Well, with cowbell-bearing bystanders. It's fast, fun and family friendly. Even dogs came out to watch. It's a grassroots kind of sport. It's not just for pros - people who would never think of racing bikes do this, too - just less smoothly and more slowly. The hill at Coulter Park, already popular for sledding, will now be appreciated by - or infamous to, depending who you ask - those who meandered up, down and around it as a CycloCross course. Gibson really wants to make sure all who volunteered for setting up the course and running the event know they were greatly appreciated with a special thanks to Jim Sonnhalter, a bicycling enthusiast and the City of Euclid's Community Projects Manager for the Department of Community Services and Economic Development.

Gibson is a self-proclaimed middle of the pack racer. He says it's a great sport for the average person who wants to do something athletic, the kind of person who would do something like a 10K or tri-athlon. He feels it's relatively safe because the worst thing that happens is someone falls on the grass or in the mud and hops back up. Said Gibson, "Everyone has their own reaons. Maybe we're sick, but we love it." 

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Volume 3, Issue 1, Posted 1:10 PM, 03.08.2011

Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project update

Dear Animal Lover,

It has been more than seven months since the Cleveland Plain Dealer did a feature story about the feral cat project at historic Euclid Beach. We would like to give you an update on what we have been able to achieve, thanks to you and other very generous donors.

So far this year we have helped more than 312 cats and kittens - that’s up 391% from last year.

We have worked tirelessly to help sick, old and unaltered stray and feral cats. Our primary focus is the Euclid Beach area because that is where people endlessly dump unwanted cats and kittens, but we also care for other needy cat colonies in North Collinwood. Because our focus is primarily Euclid Beach we felt that changing our name from North Collinwood Feral Cat Project to Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project was appropriate.

In the Euclid Beach area (which includes Wildwood Marina, the Euclid Beach Trailer Park, the Pier and the Euclid Beach Villa apartments) we have trapped, neutered and released (TNR) 21 cats, and surrendered to the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL) more than 89 sick, old, and friendly cats, plus 39 sick and healthy kittens.

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Volume 2, Issue 12, Posted 4:13 PM, 11.15.2010

Manor Care spreads birthday cheer to the elderly

Manor Care Euclid Beach in Cleveland held a special celebration in honor of the elders residing at their skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. A number of friends and family who have a great deal of affection and respect for the elders in their community were host to a "Celebration of our Elders" party on Friday, September 24. This special celebration spotlighted all the members of Manor Care Euclid Beach who were 80 and older.

This noteworthy occasion’s special guest of honor was Ms. Inez Patterson. Inez is the longest living resident residing at Manor Care Euclid Beach and was celebrating her 101st birthday on September 26th, 2010.

Inez Lutherol Patterson was born September 26, 1909 in Greensboro, North Carolina and was raised by her grandparents. Inez was educated in the Greensboro Public School system and graduated from high school at the age of 16. Later she relocated to Cleveland, Ohio to be closer to her mother.

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Volume 2, Issue 11, Posted 2:14 PM, 11.11.2010

The car is clean but what about the water? Wash your car the right way


For many, car washing is a summertime ritual. Often, citizens don’t know that by washing all that grime off your vehicles they might actually be causing harm to our local waterways.

Water entering the storm drain, unlike water that enters sanitary sewers, does not undergo treatment before it is discharged into our waterways.  When cars are washed on streets and driveways, that dirty water eventually winds up in rivers, streams, creeks, and lakes.

Washing one car may not seem to be a problem, but collectively car washing activity adds up to big problems for our local lakes, creeks and streams.  Pollution associated with car washing degrades water quality while also finding its way into sediments, impacting aquatic habitats.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 5:00 AM, 10.01.2010

Celebrate your love of the Great Lakes - join an Adopt-a-Beach event near you!

Join volunteers in caring for our beaches by removing litter and collecting information on beach health. Information collected during Adopt-a-Beach events is used in pollution prevention education and to make positive changes for our Great Lakes beaches, Saturday, October 16th and November 13th 2010 at the Euclid Beach park Pavilion, 16250 Lakeshore blvd. Cleveland OH.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 5:00 AM, 10.01.2010

The Euclid Beach Adopt-a-Beach Team August Beach Cleanup!

Join The Euclid Beach Team As We Clean and Screen Euclid Beach on Saturday, August 21st!!

From October 2009, through July 2010 our team has collected over 500 pounds of trash!! Imagine what we can do with your help!

We will start by meeting in the pavilion at 10am and then head down to the beach collecting the trash we find (this is an eye opening experience!). We will then conduct beach observation and interactive water quality tests. Finally, we will wrap things up at 12pm with some refreshments, pictures, a trash weighing contest and a look at our upcoming events for Fall 2010.

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Volume 2, Issue 8, Posted 3:58 PM, 08.06.2010

Sand castle contest highlights Euclid Beach volunteers' day of fun

On Saturday, July 17th, volunteers from Arts Collinwood, Tri-C, Baldwin-Wallace College, Business Volunteers Unlimited, The City of Cleveland Division of Water and local residents came together to clean and screen Euclid Beach Park! Even in the summer heat, we collected close to 76 pounds of trash including 745 cigar tips, 350 pieces of plastic, 220 caps/lids and much more!

The beach cleanup was only part of whole day of fun in the sun activities! There was a sand castle contest with over 50 participants, performances by Cleveland’s very own Show Wagon Crew, an instrument making workshop and even a visit by the Metroparks Naturetracks bus.

Instrument making workshops were provided by Craig Woodson, who taught 100 visitors how to make their own drums and maraccas.  Musical performances were provided by Show Wagon, courtesy of the City of Cleveland's Bureau of Cultural Arts.  Nearly 100 people particpated in the sand castly contest, with 21 teams winning prizes for everything from best use of found objects to best wildlife depiction, for the larger than life sand sea turtles that invaded Euclid Beach.  Judges were  Councilman Michael Polensek, Laura Robinson, owner of Helping Hands Daycare on E. 185th, and William Meyers, a local resident and Arst Collinwood trustee.  An estimated 250 people participated in the event throughout the day.

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Volume 2, Issue 8, Posted 3:02 PM, 08.03.2010